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PFM Blue Inline Units - Killing Diesel Bug

Provan Fuel Management (PFM)

The Proven Fuel Management (PFM) units are unique, proven and innovative in cleaning diesel and biodiesel fuel in numerous diesel engine applications from small to very large diesel engines.

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How PFM Units Work

The PFM unit is basically a metal box with a through hole, which diesel fuel flows through the unit without mechanical filtration. The fuel is treated with magnetism and ultraviolet light to kill the diesel bug and remove the water. The combination of these features is how PFM units create super clean diesel fuel, known as fuel polishing. If there is a power failure to the unit, then the fuel flows through uninterrupted. The blue LED lights on the unit indicate there is power to the unit and it is working, powered via the accessories circuit on vehicles. AC powered on Recirculating units.

PFM Blue GP08B - Eliminate Diesel Bugs
What Are The Benefits of PFM Units

By killing diesel bug and removal of water from diesel fuel creates super clean fuel. This super clean diesel fuel in turn provides better combustion, provides fuel savings between 10% to 30%, eliminates diesel black smoke under load (unburnt diesel) which all diesels are known for, provides more (or restores) engine power, reduces harmful environmental emissions including NOx and SOx, and reduces engine maintenance costs. 

PFM Blue Eliminates Black Soot Exhaust
How Do I Get Water in My Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water vapour from the atmosphere. Furthermore, during cool nights (requires only a 5 degree Celsius temperature drop) water condensate forms on the fuel tank walls and drips down into the diesel fuel. While the diesel fuel at a fuel refinery is to a high quality, once the diesel fuel is transported, the water absorption and accumulation starts from then on.

PFM Blue - Eliminating Diesel Bug.jpg
How Do I Get Diesel Bug in My Fuel

The presence of water, through the continual absorption of water into the diesel tank explained above, allows diesel bugs to grow and thrive. Diesel bugs comprise of bacteria, algae and fungus, which require oxygen (from water) to grow, breed and thrive, compromising the fuel quality in every diesel fuel tank and the performance of diesel engines. 

PFM Blue - Eliminate Visible Fuel Microbes in Glass Fuel Filter Cover
Where Have PFM Units Been Used

PFM Units have been in use since 2009. Today, PFM units are in use in many countries and used in all manner of diesel engine applications such as 4WD's, trucks, ferries, boats, ships, marine pilot boats, diesel fuel power stations, hospital back up generators (UPS), data centres (UPS), mining vehicles, and many other applications.

PFM Blue Used in Diesel Truck Engines
Inline Units

PFM Inline units come in different sizes for different diesel engine sizes. The standard inline units range from 50 hp to 10,000 hp engines. For larger horse power engines, multiple standard units are used, or custom made larger units are made to cater for larger diesel engines. The standard units are readily available, while custom made units are made to order. 

PFM Blue Inline Units - Killing Diesel Bug
Diesel Polishing - Recirculating Units

Recirculating units are used for fuel polishing large operational tanks, stagnant fuel tanks or storage fuel tanks such as back up generators for uninterruptible power supply sites like data centres, hospitals, diesel peaking power plants, remote diesel tank sites and many more. Each Recirculating unit is custom made depending on the size of the fuel tank and the control features required by the customer.

PFM Recirculating Units Fuel Polishing Diesel Fuel Tanks.jpg
Types of Fuel PFM Is Used For

PFM units are used to super clean, or fuel polish, diesel fuel, biodiesel fuel and heavy fuel oil (such as 180 CST low sulfur marine fuel oil), usually used for large cargo ships. PFM units clean contaminated diesel fuel and are able to maintain diesel fuel to achieve 18/16/13 particulate, Grade A Diesel, to ISO 4406 standard. 
The PFM unit for heavy fuel marine oil looks a bit different but functions under the same principals.

PFM Blue Used for Diesel and Biodiesel
Video Testimonial

Listen to the multiple benefits that Phil Allen experienced when he installed and used the PFM unit on his Toyota Landcruiser 4WD 4.5L V8 turbo diesel.

The benefits that Phil experienced included significant fuel savings, no more black soot exhaust when under load, quieter engine and less cabin noise. The most surprising benefit was the condition of the oil for his next engine service, the oil looked as new as reported by his mechanic. Such reported benefits are common and consistent amongst PFM users, noting that PFM units provide super clean diesel fuel to the engine, which achieve the results above.

PFM Blue Benefits - Phil Allen
More Information on PFM Units

For more information on the multiple financial and operational benefits on PFM units for your diesel engine and diesel fuel tank applications, please contact Baker & Provan to speak with a technical representative. Alternatively, you can email us, where you can find our contact details provided at the bottom of this page.
We hope we can help you as well to join the long list of satisfied PFM users for their diesel engines.

PFM Blue - More Info on Diesel Fuel Polishing.jpg
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