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Onsite Support Services


Baker & Provan has an extensive range of engineering experience in onsite servies, manufacturing, repairing and installing small to large mechanical equipment.

Since 1946, Baker & Provan has been manufacturing engineering components, whether small or large. Many decades later, Baker & Provan offers the engineering know-how to assist with onsite services, manufacturing capability and workshop, redesign or remanufacture of damaged components and installation of mechanical equipment, including testing and commissioning. 
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Onsite Support Services

Baker & Provan's onsite support services range from onsite maintenance, welding, strip and repair, re-installation to testing and commissioning. With Baker & Provan's large engineering workshop and skilled trades personnel means that Baker & Provan has extensive experience in providing onsite support backed by a strong engineering and manufacturing background. 

Installation of Equipment

Onsite support often requires the installation of new equipment during shutdowns or maintenance periods. Baker & Provan often installs new equipment and the planning and preparation for site installation, whether the equipment has been manufactured by Baker & Provan highly skilled personnel or others. Nothing is left to chance with high standards of safety and customer service at the forefront of our site personnel.

Shutdown, Repair & Overhaul

Baker & Provan's highly skilled personnel are often called to perform shutdown repair and overhauls with a quick turnaround. Having access to a large workshop, 18 CNC machines and over 40 trade qualifed and engineering personnel, means that repairs can be directly managed with all necessary workshop resources at the disposal to complete the job on time, meet customer expectations and provide great customer service.  

Testing & Commissioning

Baker & Provan's fitters and technicians have been testing and commissioning new or repaired equipment for over 20 years. This requirements comes up where there is mechanical equipment which requires testing and commissioning, whether in NSW, in WA, at sea, or in a manufacturing plant. Baker & provan has the necessary experience and personnel to complete the required mechanical, and sometimes electrical  testing of equipment.

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