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Servicing of mechanical RAN ship equipment on the east and west coast of Australia.

Baker & Provan has been a Defence service provider since the late 1980’s when it manufactured Slewing Arm Boat Davits for the Royal Australian Navy.

Since the late 80's, Baker & Provan has built, serviced and supported four different types of boat davits and cranes for the RAN. Baker & Provan support has grown to servicing of numerous types of other mechanical equipment on RAN vessels both on the east and west coast of Australia, with Baker & Provan having a workshop in western Sydney and in Henderson WA.
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Servicing of Mechanical Equipment

Over the last 30 years, Baker & Provan has serviced, tested, commissioned, repaired, capability upgraded, configuration managed and obselescence redesigned various mechanical ship deck equipment, which have been hydraulically or electrically controlled. Some examples of equipment serviced on RAN vessels include davits, boat cranes, winches, fin stabilisers, doors, hatches, accommodation ladders and much more.​

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Locations - East & West Coast

With workshops and full time personnel located in St Marys, in western Sydney, and Henderson in WA​, Baker & Provan has the necessary personnel to provide service and support for RAN major fleet units on the east and west coast of Australia. Baker & Provan has 65 skilled personnel in the St Marys workshop and another 13 skilled personnel in the Henderson workshop. 

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Skills & Capability

Baker & Provan's experienced personnel compromise of mechanical and hydraulic fitters as well as electricians to service and support the mechanical equipment, along with the hydraulic and/or electrically controlled equipment. For example, the ANZAC boat cranes were designed and built by Baker & Provan to RAN shocked rated requirements, where the cranes required a PLC driven, hydraulic power packs. ​Baker & Provan has been servicing and supporting these highly complex power units and mechanical equipment for over 20 years by Baker & Provan full time personnel located on the east and west coast of Australia.

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Our Partners

With Baker & Provan servicing and supporting of mechanical RAN equipment for over 30 years, has led to many partner arrangements with overseas OEM providers with their equipment currently on RAN vessels. What makes Baker & Provan unique as a service provider to RAN equipment is its large manufacturing workshop, associated experience and skilled fitters, which translates to being a highly skilled service agent, and not just a spares agent, for the various international  OEM's. The OEM partners listed are just some of the partners Baker & Provan continues to work with today.

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