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Defence Manufacture

Baker & Provan has manufactured boat davits and cranes, winches, simulators and other mechanical equipment since the first boat cranes for the RAN in 1989.
In 1989, Baker & Provan entered the Defence market with the manufacture of slewing arm boat davits for the Royal Australian Navy FFG's. This led to providing service, support, configuration change management, capability upgrade and eventually to other Defence build and support projects spanning over 30 years. The below projects are a few examples to share with you today. 
FFG Davit.jpg

FFG Slewing Arm Boat Davits - Build & Support

RAN FFG slewing arm boat davits were designed and built by Baker & Provan to modified NAVSEA design from 1989, with Baker & Provan providing through life support and various upgrades over their 20 year life.


Australian LAV's Simulator Units - Build To Print

Baker & Provan was involved in the manufacture of the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) Simulator units, manufacturing 11 units for Thales with the end client being the Australian Army.

Copy of 08 Navy Winch 1.JPG

LPA's Stern Door Winch - Design & Build

RAN LPA's Stern Door Winch was designed, built and serviced by Baker & Provan with electronic controls. The static load test was a 110 tonne test, which was conducted in the workshop and on each RAN Ship. 

ANZAC Crane high res.jpg

ANZAC Boat Cranes - Design, Build & Support

RAN ANZAC boat cranes were a shock rated design and build by Baker & Provan, with a custom designed hydraulic power pack, providing through life support, capability upgrade and obselescence management.

2008-07-17 017.jpg

Minehunter Cranes - Build & Support

Baker & Provan was the manufacturer of the non-magnetic RAN Mine Hunter cranes. These were stainless steel, knuckle boom, telescopic multi-purpose cranes located on the quarterdeck.

Army Supacat Daily Telegraph 1 2.JPG

Army Vehicle Assembly

Baker & Provan was contracted by Supacat to assemble 89 Special Operations Commando Vehicles for delivery to the Australian Defence Force. 

While the above highlight some of the Defence build projects, Baker & Provan is now a well known service provider for the Royal Australian Navy and its Prime Contractors on the East and West Coast. Baker & Provan, provides service and support for mechanical, hydraulic and electrical equipment for other OEMs and to the Prime Contractors.  
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