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Manufacture & Production

Small to heavy fabrication, machining, assembly and repair work.
Small CNC Machining

Baker & Provan has a total of 18 CNC machines, including small CNC turning lathes, CNC milling and CNC machining centres. The multiple CNC machines means that Baker & Provan can machine many small, medium and large parts. This includes the machining of stainless steel, which can move during machining as it heats up. Can Baker & Provan help you for your next precision CNC machining requirements?

CNC Milling Services Sydney Baker Provan
Heavy CNC Machining

Baker & Provan has one of the largest CNC machines in Australia, which is the 12 metre CNC floor borer. This machine has a turntable rated to handle work pieces up to 30 tonnes, with the flat bed rated to 100 tonnes, able to machine work pieces up to 12 metres long and 4 metres high in the one setup. With a total of 18 CNC machines, Baker & Provan will have the right machine to assist you for your large parts requiring machining.

Heavy Machining Capability Sydney.PNG
Large Turning Capability

Baker & Provan has one of the largest lathes in Australia able to turn work pieces up to 1400mm in diameter over the bed and 1150mm in diameter over the saddle. This lathe can also machine work pieces up to 20 metres in length. So if you have some large work pieces that need precision turning, then Baker & Provan's highly skilled engineering trades men and women will be able to assist you with your job requirements. 

Gun Drilling / Deep Hole Drilling

Baker & provan has 3 machines that can perform Gun Drilling, which is drilling of deep holes into metal pieces. Holes can be drilled on centre or off centre. Holes can can be as small as 3mm in diameter and up to 140mm in diameter. The deepest hole can be 3.5m in depth and can drill holes up to 4 metres in length, if drilling from both ends. So if you have any deep drilling requirements, then Baker & Provan can assist you with your needs.

2008-07-22 004.jpg
Assembly of New Equipment

Baker & Provan's manufacturing capability often  leads to jobs and projects that require mechanical assembly, including alignment of drive motors, electrical testing, electrical controls and sometimes hydraulic controls as well. Over the years, Baker & Provan's fitters have been involved in interesteing small and large new equipment assembly jobs, where the image on the left is just one of many completed by our team of fitters.

100_4133 2.jpg
Steel Fabrication

Baker & Provan's welders and boilermakers have been involved in many small, medium and large steel fabrication jobs and projects. Furthermore, Baker & Provan has completed many demanding jobs over the years, where the welders skills and qualifications are some of the best within the industry. Baker & Provan also has accreditation to AS/ISO 3834 Part 2 Fusion Welding, which is internationally recognised and highly regarded.

Heavy Fabrication

Baker & Provan has all the resources to successfully complete heavy fabrication jobs, where the higly skilled welders and boilermakers are supported by a strong engineering team; a large workshop of 6800 m2; multiple overhead cranes with the largest overhead crane rated to 32 tonnes and with a clearance of 10.5 metres under hook. With decades of heavy fabrication experience, can Baker & Provan help you for your next heavy fabrication?

Dozer Fabrication1.jpg
Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium is one of the more difficult materials to weld as it does not glow when it turns molten, such as steel and stainless steel. Baker & Provan's skilled and experienced welders can weld aluminium from small and thin gauge to thick and large pieces pieces. So regardless of your material thickness, Baker & Provan can help you with your aluminium welding requirements. So feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

2008-06-25 019.jpg
Stainless Steel Welding

Baker & Provan skilled welders are also capable of welding all types of stainless steel jobs. The image on the left is a rare, non-magnetic stainless steel, which had to be imported into Australia to complete a special Defence projects, where the quality requirements for this project were quite high. Baker & Provan were able to complete this job to the customer's requirement. Can we assist you for your next stainless steel job or project?

Stainless Steel Fabrication.jpg
Large Engineering Workshop

Baker & Provan started out in a small workshop in 1946 by our founders Arthur Baker and Don Provan. Over the years, our capability, machinery and size of workshop has been continually growing. Today, Baker & Provan has 6,800m2 of workshop under roof, with land size is of 10,000m2. Within the workshop there are 12 CNC machines, 10 overhead cranes and plenty of room for your next engineering job.

Induction Hardening & Grinding

Baker & Provan's skilled staff (from the acquisition of Poche Engineering) have been induction hardening and grinding all types of pins for many years. Induction hardening provides a hard case on the surface of the material, while maintaining a relatively soft core. This is achieved by running a couple a heating coil down the pin and then cooling it rapidly, where Baker & Provan has various tooling for pins to then grind the pins, ready for use.

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