Support to Defence and Industry

Baker & Provan has been a defence supplier since the late 1980’s when it manufactured Slewing Arm Davits for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Since then Baker & Provan has designed and manufactured many of the cranes and winches fitted to RAN vessels to the point where we have the largest representation of any manufacturer of this class of equipment of products in service with the RAN

Our expertise enables us to undertake support, service, repair and overhaul on a range of marine equipment including Fin Stabilisers, Thrustors, Propulsion Systems, Capstans, Anchor Windlasses, Goods Lifts, Winches, Cranes, Davits and similar equipment.

Our NATA accreditation for load testing and inspection of lifting and lifted equipment meets the Royal Australian Navy requirements under “ABR 5195 - RAN lifting and securing equipment, testing & surveying requirements”, as well as other Australian Standards and DNV requirements.

This accreditation provides an additional level of assurance in our competence and the reliability of our survey, inspection, load testing and certification of cranes, davits and winches.  Furthermore, this provides Baker & Provan with the unique capability to effectively respond to equipment problems that are uncovered during survey and load testing. Ultimately, this leads to higher integrity of service and repairs, shorter turnaround times and reduced total cost.