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Baker & Provan Machining  Capability - CNC Machining, Heavy Engineering, Fabrication and Support services. Baker & Provan customers are with the Defence, Rail and Industry sectors.



Baker & Provan specialises in manufacturing, fabrication and support. Our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine and non CNC machine capability enables us to machine metal of ever size and weight. Our fabricators and welders are selected based on experience and assessed ensuring quality practices are engineered into every job. And finally our Support team, skilled electrical, mechanical and hydraulics engineers who ensure each product meets the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specification.

Baker & Provan is a highly capable manufacturing and support company who see their role as helping you meet your requirements in:

  • Steel fabrication;
  • Stainless steel fabrication;
  • Aluminium fabrication;
  • Bisalloy welding and fabrication;
  • CNC Milling;
  • CNC Machining;
  • CNC Lathes;
  • Stress Relieving;
  • Deep hole drilling; and
  • Support (maintenance, servicing, repair and reconditioning) 

Quality and Technical Accreditation 

 Baker & Provan is an ISO 9001:2008 quality accredited company and has been ISO 9001 accredited since1999. With a proven track record, our team ensure quality is built into everything it adds value to. Baker and Provan is also an NATA ISO IEC 17020 (2000) accredited organisation and a Defence recognised supplier. 

AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17020 (2000) for lifting and lifted equipment.

AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17020 (2000) for lifting and lifted equipment.

Small - Medium cnc mACHINING

Baker & Provan has precision machines offering CNC Machining, CNC Turning, CNC Milling and large precision machining. With 15 small, medium and large CNC milling and turning machines, Baker & Provan is one of the largest high quality machine shops in Sydney.
Baker & Provan  CNC Machines include:

  • Small CNC Lathe - Qty 1
  • Small CNC Machining Certre - Qty 2
  • Small 3 Axis CNC horizontal Borers - Qty 2
  • Medium 3M CNC Lathe - Qty 2
  • Medium 4M x 2.4M CNC horizontal Borer - Qty 2
  • Medium 4M CNC Bed Mill - Qty 1
  • Medium 4M x 2M CNC Machine Centre - Qty 1




Baker & Provan is known for being a heavy machine engineering company. What gives Baker & Provan its heavy machining capability is a selection of machines that deliver results on the biggest jobs. The machines include: 

  • 12M Lathe, maximum swing of 1.4M in diameter over the saddle
  • 12M x 4M CNC floor Borer with a bed rate at 100 tonne
  • 6 axis 30 tonne CNC rotary table with 4M mast
  • 5 axis CNC machine with tables of 6.25 metres by 3.5 metres wide have a pallet changer
  • 4 axis CNC Machine Centre with 2 tables rated at 20 tonne




Deep hole drilling (gun and ejector drilling) of steel shafts is often used to manufacture custom built hollow bar, where steel suppliers of hollow bar do not have the available sizes you may seek.

The deep hole drilling provides purpose built hollow bar. Deep hole drilling requires special tooling to produce long and accurate holes with a smooth finish.

Baker & Provan can also provide deep hole drilling for some unique applications as listed below:

  • On Centre deep hole drilling.
  • Off Centre deep hole drilling;
  • Deep holes from 4 mm diameter up to 155mm diameter.
  • Hole depths of up to 7 metres (drilling from both ends).
  • Through holes or blind holes (hole at one end only).
  • Obscure shapes, not just bars or shafts, can also be deep hole drilled.
  • Large work pieces can also be deep hole drilled.
  • Boring of internal diameters for large cylinders and shafts can also be achieved on our larger machines.
  • Any other machining requirements you have, we probably can assist you with our 12 CNC machines.



Baker & Provan has a diverse range of steel fabrication capabilities. The metal fabrication that Baker & Provan has completed over the many years includes:

  • steel fabrication;
  • stainless steel fabrication;
  • aluminium fabrication;
  •  bisalloy fabrication, and
  • other exotic steel fabrications

This metal fabrication capability is applied across sheet metal, small components, large and heavy fabrication and fabrication of mechanical process equipment. Baker & Provan also has a vast range of local and European welding procedures completed for various OEM.



Baker & Provan has been a defence supplier since the late 1980’s when it manufactured Slewing Arm Davits for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Since then Baker & Provan has designed and manufactured many of the cranes and winches fitted to RAN vessels to the point where we have the largest representation of any manufacturer of this class of equipment of products in service with the RAN

Our expertise enables us to undertake support, service, repair and overhaul on a range of marine equipment including Fin Stabilisers, Thrustors, Propulsion Systems, Capstans, Anchor Windlasses, Goods Lifts, Winches, Cranes, Davits and similar equipment.

Our NATA accreditation for load testing and inspection of lifting and lifted equipment meets the Royal Australian Navy requirements under “ABR 5195 - RAN lifting and securing equipment, testing & surveying requirements”, as well as other Australian Standards and DNV requirements.

This accreditation provides an additional level of assurance in our competence and the reliability of our survey, inspection, load testing and certification of cranes, davits and winches.  Furthermore, this provides Baker & Provan with the unique capability to effectively respond to equipment problems that are uncovered during survey and load testing. Ultimately, this leads to higher integrity of service and repairs, shorter turnaround times and reduced total cost.