Baker & Provan

High Quality Bogie Wheels Manufactured by Baker & Provan

Baker & Provan were recently engaged to manufacture bogie wheels. By our customer choosing to manufacture these wheels in country, provided them with the confidence that they were manufactured to specification and to the highest quality.  Results of which speak for themselves. 

High Quality Bogie Wheels Manufactured by Baker & Provan

High Quality Bogie Wheels Manufactured by Baker & Provan

Baker & Provan Newsletter May & June 2017

Dynamic Couple of Months At Baker & Provan

  • Tyro Machine

  • New Website and Social pages

  • Davits Support

  • Stress Relieving 

  • Setting up the Big Nomura

Tyro Machine

Successful delivery of another Tyro machine. This is the 31st machine delivered to the supplier on the back of their successful You Tube advertising campaign. Click to watch video


New website and social pages

On the 15th May, Baker & Provan launched its new website and social pages; Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. "Its been a long time coming. The old website has served us well but now it's time to modernise and also improve our social presence" said General Manager, Bob Findlay. As we move forward, more content will find its way on to the website to improve overall experience. 

Davit Support

Inspecting our quality workmanship onsite, Baker & Provan continue their relationship with the OEM's to be preferred support provider for Davits installed on the LHD and FFG naval vessels. We not only offer onsite service, we also remove, provide complete refurbishment and installation services. A complete support service. 

Stress Relieving

Not taking any risks associated with machining, Baker & Provan stress relieves each bogie prior to machining. Without stress relieving, the potential for error when machining increases due to metal movements. The furnace has been a great investment, it gives us the capability to increase our production and improve our quality.


The Big Nomura

The Big Nomura being setup to machine a crane slew ring. This is one of several which will be machined at Baker & Provan over the coming month.