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Heavy Machining, Floor Borer, Large Machining Centre, Large Lathe

Heavy machining centre

Large Machining Centre, 20 Tonne tables,
6.25m x 3.5m tables

Baker & Provan is a well known large machining workshop located in Sydney.

Having the largest Machining Centre with a heavy pallet changer, a 12 metre CNC Floor Borer and a 6 axis heavy machining CNC turn table, provides a powerful array of large and heavy machining capability to meet most large machining requirements. Further details on Baker & Provan’s large machines are listed below

- Large Machining Centre – with tables of 6.25 metres by 3.5 metres wide this is a handy machine to have. The tables have a pallet changer, with each table rated to handle 20 tonnes. This machine is a 5 axis CNC machine. This is a high quality Japanese precision CNC machine (SNK). The pallet changer makes large and medium sized jobs very efficient utilising the pallet changer to load and unload the second table while machining on the first table.

- Heavy machining capability utilising the “Big Nomura” – a CNC Floor Borer with machining envelope of 12 metres long and 4 metre mast, with bed rated to handle 100 tonnes. This is a high quality Japanese precision CNC machine.

- Large CNC rotary table that will handle work pieces up to 30 tonnes, with a 4 metre machining height. This machine is a 6 axis CNC machine. This is a high quality Japanese precision CNC machine.

- Large lathe of 12 metres between centres. This lathe has a swing of 1.4m in diameter over the saddle.

These large and heavy capacity CNC machines are highly efficient, modern CNC machines. With a total of 12 CNC milling and turning machines, Baker & Provan is one of the largest high quality machine shops in Australia, located in western Sydney.

We also have a large and heavy fabrication capability in-house if this requirement is also of interest to you. We are confident that one of our small or large CNC machines will be able to meet your requirements, providing you with a quality product, competitively priced and in efficient time.

If you are looking for a large CNC horizontal borer, or a heavy CNC rotary table, or maybe a large machining centre, or perhaps a large lathe, we hope we can be of assistance to you.

We hope that we can demonstrate our heavy machining expertise to meet your requirements, servicing various customers in industries such as mining, rail, defence, steel, etc. The photos in the video represent some of the large machining that has been completed at Baker & Provan.

So please give one of our Estimators a call on 02 8801 9000 or send us an email
to discuss your large machining requirements
and we hope that we can be assistance to you.
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Heavy machining, CNC floor borer

CNC Floor Borer rated to 100 tonne

Heavy duty hoist drum machining

Heavy Duty Hoist Drum Machining
on 6 axis CNC Turn Table

Large lathe, large machining

12m Large Lathe






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