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Deep hole drilling, gun drilling and custom hollow bar

Deep hole drilling, gun drilling

Deep hole drilling providing you hollow bar to your requirements


Deep hole drilling, 155mm diameter holes

Up to 155mm diameter holes


Off centre deep hole drilling

Off centre deep hole drilling


Custom hollow bar, boring bar

Boring bar used to machine the internal diameter for a large cylinder

Deep hole drilling of steel shafts is often used to manufacture custom built hollow bar, where steel suppliers of hollow bar do not have the available sizes you may seek.

Deep hole drilling is a rare engineering capability in Sydney, Australia, which is also referred to as gun drilling.

The deep hole drilling provides purpose built hollow bar. Deep hole drilling requires special tooling to produce long and accurate holes with a smooth finish.

This video says it all about our Deep Hole & Gun Drilling Capability – Just Press PLAY To Watch


The deep hole drilling capability of Baker Provan means that we can offer you hollow bar to the sizes you require. We can also manufacture blind hole hollow bars. This is where the hole does not go through to the other side of the bar.

Baker & Provan can also provide deep hole drilling for some unique applications as listed below:

- On Centre deep hole drilling

- Off Centre deep hole drilling

- Deep holes from 4 mm diameter up to 155mm diameter

- Hole depths of up to 7 metres (drilling from both ends)

- Through holes or blind holes (hole at one end only)

- Obscure shapes, not just bars or shafts, can also be deep hole drilled.

- Large work pieces can also be deep hole drilled

- Boring of internal diameters for large cylinders and shafts can also be achieved on our larger machines.

- Any other machining requirements you have, we probably can assist you with our 12 CNC machines.

Baker & Provan also has a very large lathe (12 metres in length – between centres), where the internal diameter for large cylinders, or shafts, can also be machined to size using a boring bar. If required, Baker & Provan can also machine the outside diameters on large cylinders or shafts to your requirements, as well. Most deep hole drilling requirements tends to be for fluid lubrication or other hydraulic applications.

Baker & Provan can perform for you the sourcing of the bar or hollow bar material, the deep hole drilling and any other machining services you may require. The material that Baker & Provan can deep hole drill for you can vary from steel bar, chrome bar, exotic alloys and we have even drilled plastic. If you require a very smooth finish of the hole, then we can hone this for you as well.

The photos in the video represent some of the deep hole drilling that we have completed recently and the components that we have machined for various customers in industries such as mining, rail, defence, nuclear, steel, etc. Baker & Provan has developed a strong reputation as a high quality engineering company. Baker & Provan’s reputation is proven on being able to machine complex and intricate components. This includes the supply and machining of customised hollow bars.

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