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Major Projects                Reclamation


Machinery Manufacture

Blast Furnace Equipment

Marine Cranes

Outboard Bearing Supports

Sheet & Coil Processing Equipment

Specialised Machinery Manufacture

Steel Coil Processing Equipment

Steel Coil Processing Line

Marine Hydraulic Power Unit


Heavy Fabrication

Nuclear Door


Heavy Press Frame

Various Fabrications




Component Manufacturing

Bucket Mould Tooling

Hydraulic Cylinders

Railway Components

Remelt Furnace Components

Simultaneous 3 Axis Machining

Starter Chain - 9 meters Long

Weld Repaired and Refurbished Track Wheels

Splined Hub

Drive Train Components

Reground Mincer Plates

Wear Plate

Deep Hole Drilling of Alloy Steel Bar

Mould Table Stool Base

Mould Table

Tracked Bearing Housings



Medium CNC Turning

Large CNC Horizontal Milling Machine

Meduim CNC Milling Capability



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